Middle Eastern Texts Initiative

Welcome to the Middle Eastern Texts Initiative, home of the Islamic Translation Series, the Eastern Christian Texts series, the Library of Judeo-Arabic Literature, and the Medical Works of Moses Maimonides. 

The Middle Eastern Texts Initiative (METI) is an effort to renew and enlarge cultural memory. Our primary project is the editing, translation, and publication of texts from the period during which Islam was the dominant political and intellectual influence in the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean worlds. We collaborate with scholars at academic institutions around the world to bring back into circulation writings that are properly the intellectual heritage of all people. In carrying out this work of restoration, we celebrate the interrelated achievements of Medieval Jewish, Christian, and Muslim thinkers and seekers after wisdom.

Arabic was the principal language of scholarship of this period, but works were also produced in Hebrew, Syriac, Armenian, and others. We present each text in its original language and script, carefully edited together with an expert English translation running parallel to the text. Scholarly annotations, indexes, glossaries, and bibliographies provide further aids to the reader. All METI titles are published by Brigham Young University Press and distributed worldwide by the University of Chicago Press.

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