Library of Judeo-Arabic Literature

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 2.35.33 PMThe Library of Judeo-Arabic Literature (LJAL) has been established to publish scholarly editions and translations of Judeo-Arabic texts from all genres and geographical areas. The series thus aims to demonstrate the diversity of Judeo-Arabic literature and its relation to contemporary Arabic culture.

An international team of scholars led by James T. Robinson and David Sklare oversee the project and assure that each volume meets rigorous academic standards. D. Morgan Davis coordinates the production aspects of the project at Brigham Young University’s Middle Eastern Text Initiative (METI).

All titles are published by Brigham Young University Press and distributed worldwide by the University of Chicago Press. Follow the links below to read a brief prospectus for the series (including more information about Judeo-Arabic and its genres and texts in preparation), and to learn more about participating scholars.